Little River Canyon – National Preserve

Known as the ‘Backcountry’

Exploring Nature Ride: Just go get lost in the woods ride!

Little River Canyon is a beautiful National Preserve nestled just to the east of Fort Payne, Alabama. A lot of folks love to go see the Little River Falls and they have plenty of hiking trails as well as what looks to be some awesome kayaking. Just a great ‘outdoors’ area to go visit.

There are also several off-road trails large enough for Jeeps or other off-road vehicles to enjoy with decent scenery and a couple of nice river crossings during the summer months. Most of these roads can be driven in 2WD with 4WD recommended. We never had to go into four-wheel low in our experience. Of course, always be aware that weather can change the difficulty of a trail dramatically.

Little River Canyon Road 05

Trail Coordinates: 34.401279, -85.624573

It was a beautiful late April Saturday morning and we just had to get out on a trail. We wanted something different then the local off-road parks had. We decided to give the backcountry of Little River Canyon a go. At the time we were over in Huntsville, Alabama which is about an hour and 20-minute ride to the National Preserve. There are several trails available and most are in the easy to moderate level of difficulty. We packed up the Jeeps and headed east!

We decided on Road 05 because it’s one of the longer roads, at just over 7 miles. It incorporates a variety of terrain and gives you the ability to cross Little River. The highest elevation point is just over 1500 feet and the trail is bi-directional that runs north and south. We entered from the south entrance and immediately encountered some brush and tree overgrowth. It was not impassible and the trail widened quickly.

The terrain varied from gravel to dirt with some deep ruts and the occasional fun mud hole. You will also encounter a few rocky areas but nothing too difficult. We would give this trail an ‘easy’ rating but again, weather could change that quickly.

We had a fun time on this trail and took our time exploring as this runs through mostly wooded areas with a few good hills and ridges to navigate. The best part of Road 05 is without a doubt crossing Little River. It’s a beautiful spot to hang out, play on the rocks and get your feet wet. As for the river crossing, depending on the time of year the water depth can be nothing more than a puddle to a full wheel or deeper. It does have a rocky bottom that is not flat, you will have good visibility of the river bottom though.

If you’re looking for a fun leisurely ride that gets you out in nature and has a few obstacles like crossing Little River then this is the place to go. As always tread lightly and the Legendary 1941 squad will see you on the trail.

Jason Chantelau – Legendary 1941: The Off-Road Collective

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